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Garden Quartz Beaded Bracelet

  • Model No : C22JBR019A
  • GEM Type : Amazonite
  • Size : 18 cm
  • Weight : 40 g
  • MOQ : 100 pcs

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  • Factory Price
  • Full Customization
  • Eco-friendly


Garden quartz beaded bracelet is a bracelet made from garden quartz stone. It is a popular piece of jewelry that is worn by many people because it is a symbol of the love and care for the earth. Many people wear garden quartz bracelets as a reminder to be mindful of the earth and its beauty.

Garden quartz is a beautiful gemstone, when it’s set in a bracelet, it becomes even more mesmerizing. Garden quartz is a type of quartz that has been enhanced by the earth and water. The earth’s minerals and water in the air create a beautiful pattern on the surface of the stone. The gentle waves and ripples on the stone create a calming effect that can help you relax and relieve stress. Garden quartz bracelets are great for anyone who wants to feel peaceful and calm.

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