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Long Handle Body Scrubber

Model NoBTBT24PL03
Size45*6.5*5.5 cm
MOQ1000 Pcs
  • Sample Available
  • Competitive Price
  • Customization
  • Eco-friendly

The Premium Long Handle Body Scrubber is here to revolutionize your bathing routine! As your one-stop shop for total skin renewal, I’ve been meticulously crafted to slough away dry flakes from wherever they may linger. whether weekly, daily or beyond, boost bathing bliss with my signature scour. Lather with delight and let my extra-long handle work its magic from a safe distance.

Key Features

Ergonomic “S” Curved or Straight Handle
The 16-inch “S” shaped or Straight handle allows you to easily reach and scrub your entire back, shoulders, and other hard-to-access areas without straining.

Anti-Slip Grip
The handle is coated in a textured TPR material, providing a secure, non-slip grip even in wet, soapy conditions.

Dual-Sided Brush Head
One side features stiff natural bristles for effective exfoliation, while the other side has soft nylon bristles for a gentle cleansing experience.

Promotes Skin Health
Dry brushing with the stiff bristles can help stimulate circulation, drainage of the lymphatic system, and the formation of new skin cells.

Versatile and Easy to Use
This scrubber can be used for both wet and dry brushing. The brush head can also be easily disassembled and reassembled on the handle.

Durable and Easy to Clean
The water-resistant plastic handle is lightweight yet sturdy, and can be hung up to dry after use.

Best Long Handle Body Scrubber
high quality Long Handle Body Scrubber
Professional custom Hair ties solution – Bulk Custom Long Handle Body Scrubber Wholesale 
  • Custom your own brand.
  • Custom Packaging: bulk packaging or single packaging.
  • Custom Color, Size, Shape.
  • Custom Material.

We believe that each person has their own distinct sense of style and personal preferences. That’s why we offer fully custom Long Handle Body Scrubber, so you can create a one-of-a-kind accessory that perfectly meet your needs. We have been deeply dedicated to the body care products industry for many years, boasting a well-established supply chain system. We are capable of providing you with high-quality products at competitive prices, accompanied by professional services. Feel free to inquire at any time.


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