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Synthetic Hair Braided Headband

Model NoBTHA24FA03
Size17.5*14.5*5.2 cm
MOQ100 Pcs
  • Sample Available
  • Competitive Price
  • Customization
  • Eco-friendly

Synthetic Hair Braided Headband – a luxurious, hand-crafted accessory that combines classic beauty and effortless versatility. Elevate your everyday look or add a touch of glamour to any special occasion with the Synthetic Hair Braided Headband.

Key Features:

  1. Elastic Band for Secure Fit: The elastic band allows you to adjust the loop size for a snug, non-slip fit on most adult women’s head sizes.
  2. Delicate Weaving Technique: The braided headband is meticulously crafted using a premium hand-blending technique, resulting in a beautifully woven and adjustable design.
  3. High-Quality Synthetic Fibers: Made from heat-resistant, premium synthetic fibers, this headband mimics the look and feel of natural hair, offering a realistic and stylish appearance.
  4. Versatile Styling: The braided design makes it easy to achieve a variety of hairstyles, from casual to formal, with a quick and effortless application.
  5. Suitable for a wide range of occasions, including makeup application, weddings, date nights, and more, this headband will elevate your look with ease.
  6. Seamless Integration: The braided headband blends seamlessly with your own hair, creating a cohesive and polished appearance.

Custom Bulk Synthetic Hair Braided Headband Wholesale

Professional custom Hair accessories solution – Bulk Synthetic Hair Braided Headband Wholesale 
  • Custom your own brand.
  • Custom Packaging: bulk packaging or single packaging.
  • Custom Color, Size, Shape, Fabric selections.
  • Custom embellishment Options

We believe that each person has their own distinct sense of style and personal preferences. That’s why we offer fully customized Synthetic Hair Braided Headband, so you can create a one-of-a-kind accessory that perfectly meet your needs. We have been deeply dedicated to the hair accessories products industry for many years, boasting a well-established supply chain system. We are capable of providing you with high-quality products at competitive prices, accompanied by professional services. Feel free to inquire at any time.


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