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White Howlite Yoni Egg

  • Model No : C22AYE039A
  • GEM Type : White Howlite
  • Size : 30*20 / 40*25 / 45*30 mm
  • Weight : 18 / 35 / 50 g
  • MOQ : 50 pcs

  • Sample Available
  • Factory Price
  • Customization
  • Eco-friendly
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Yoni egg, also called jade egg, is a tool for women to strengthen their vaginal health. In ancient China, the Yoni egg was invented by Chinese court workers because it has many elements that are good for health, so ladies who use the Yoni egg feel young, healthy and beautiful, with a vaginal organ as tight and elastic as a young girl. By putting Yoni egg in your vagina and by Kegel exercises, you will feel the movement of your vaginal muscles and practicing it several times a day, your vagina will become tighter and tighter.

Hautite is a borate mineral consisting of irregular nodules and monoclinic structures. Hautite has a porous texture and is also known as magnesite. Its color scheme is chalky white with dark veins, but it can also be colorless. The meaning of hausite is related to patience and perspective.

wholesale yoni eggs
wholesale yoni eggs
white howlite stone
The Benefits of White Howlite Yoni Egg
  • Balance menstrual cycles, soothe menstrual cramps.
  • Foster urinary and digestive health.
  • Strengthen vaginal muscles, Increase libido and orgasms.
  • Reduce the risk of or treating uterine prolapse.
  • Reduce the risk of leakage and promote healing after vaginal childbirth.

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